Learn the names and map locations of all the states in the United States.

Learn States is quite a unique game compared to other puzzle games that has come out before it. In this new game, you will have the opportunity to know and learn more about the United States of America. Usually, puzzle games are based on pictures of places that are familiar, cartoon characters and other images that would be so boring once you have completed it already. However, this game is different; it has a special effect on the player because it has a patriotic theme to it. Parents would be delighted to know that this puzzle map is available and would certainly allow their kids to play with it because it is educational and enjoyable as well.

Getting familiar with the States in the United States

Not all Americans can recognize the shape of each state on the map, especially when the name labels are removed and the colors are all the same. This game is exactly that, the developers of the game decided to experiment on identifying the state by removing the labels of each state on the map, thus the game was born. Initially, the game would start by featuring an empty map of the United States, no labels no, nothing. On the top of the screen, you will see there the time, the number of tries you had, the shape of the state that you need to place on the map and some instructions on how to play the game. The number of correct moves will also be reflected on that area. So, before the timer starts, there is already a state that is given to you and you have its name as well, all you have to do now to place it exactly where it is located in the map of the United States.

Once you clicked on the first piece of state that is provided on the game’s dashboard, your time will run, and it will continue to run until you have finished the challenged. Primarily, you will only use the mouse when playing Learn States. You click on the state then drag it into the map and place it where it is supposed to be located. By using only the mouse as your controls for the game, you will gain more focus compared to other games that have some complicated game controls. With Lean States, you will not worry about anything else but only focus on what is on the screen and to do your best to correctly place the state in the map of the United States of America.

Overall, there is no game like Learn States; it is a revolutionary creation from some patriotic individuals who likes to share to the younger generation the importance of knowing the whole country. Generally, the games that are being developed are inspired by war and violence is usually depicted in these games that might have a traumatic effect on kids. Nevertheless, substituting these violent games with educational ones, we wouldn’t have something to worry about in the future. Although it is true that games like this are boring especially when it kind of repeats itself, however, the value in which the game gives is more significant that the fun that other game offers.