A fun way of Learning Geography

Geography is perhaps one of the most difficult subjects in a classroom setting, but it can be very interesting sometimes as well. Teachers or professors usually have some challenges for their students about geography, and it’s really fun to participate in it. However, not all of us are at school or have the privilege to go to school. There are those unfortunate individuals who are unable to experience such fun in learning because they can’t afford it. But that doesn’t mean that they can learn geography at all.

Playing with Geographical Puzzles

Over the years, there were a lot of puzzles that have been created in order to stir the interest of students in studying their lessons and some did work but most didn’t. All the while, this method of teaching and learning has been forgotten until it was recently revived through Learn States. Learn States is a puzzle base game that features the whole map of the United States of America. In this game, you will use each of the 50 states as your puzzle pieces, and you will be presented with a black map of America.

You will then correctly place all the state according to its location, and you will be scored according to your correct placement of each of the states. To make it more challenging, the game is time constraint so you really have to be fast to recognize the geographical location of each of the States in order to place them correctly within the map.

Ultimately, the goal is not just to complete the game but to learn about the country itself. Not all of us are familiar with each of the names and location of the states of America but with this game, we can have the opportunity to know more of the country that we live in that we can use to teach those who come after us in life.