Map Puzzle

In the past three decades, we have seen the puzzle games slowly fading away into the background of gaming. We often hear it being called the backbone of today’s gaming systems. However, not all people believe in that statement. These individuals have experienced the importance of puzzle games and how these games stimulate the mind in the most proper and effective ways. The games available today are no near to the values that the puzzle games have taught us in the past. It is the general public’s plea that these puzzle games be revived and promoted for the purpose of increasing the moral of kids who like to play games.

Introducing the Geography and Puzzle Game

The availability of puzzle games has been limited to images or cartoon characters, that is why the puzzle game has become a boring game to play with and change has to come, and it did. Recently, the game called Learn State has been released, and it is amazing. How many were able to appreciate its value. The Learn State game is basically a puzzle of the whole map of the United States of America with every state being used as a puzzle piece. This is where learning converged with gaming.

The primary schools are able to use this game in a larger scale by promoting it to their students and using it as activity inside the classrooms. Parents were happy to know that most of the schools around the country have made the initiative to incorporate such games for kids to learn each of the geographic locations of each state within the map.

Overall, the arrival of the Learn State game has changed the perspective of some game creators. Now, they would have the motivation to make games that are more meaningful and interesting. Unfortunately, this is not the case for others, but we are happy to know that there are those people who like to listen to what others have to say and make something about it. Let’s just hope that all of us enjoy these types of puzzle games while they are still available.